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Internal vs. External Transfers

To begin, many business owners believe that an external sale of their business is their only (or at least best) path to an exit. Typically, this is because business owners know that their employees and/or fellow family members don’t have the type of money required to...

Transfer Options – Beyond the Outright Sale

It’s nice to have options.  Haven’t we all heard that before?  It’s something many business owners would probably say and sigh with relief when they realize that ‘selling’ a business isn’t the only way to exit that business. In this article, we’ll dispel this myth and...

Leading your Business Transition / Exit

Many owners of privately-held businesses are not pro-active in planning for their exit and the company’s transition.  This is true mostly because the ‘exit planning industry’ is nascent and many owners are simply not aware that a service exists to help owners with...

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